Allegiant Stadium Utilizes Microsoft Power BI for Climate Control

In the scorching heat of Nevada's summers, maintaining a cool and comfortable atmosphere within Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is no easy feat. With temperatures often soaring above 37°C (100°F), it becomes imperative to regulate indoor conditions efficiently. However, achieving this while minimizing energy consumption and costs presents a significant challenge.

Allegiant Stadium Utilizes Microsoft Power BI for Climate Control

The Power of Microsoft Power BI

Enter Microsoft Power BI, a game-changer in the realm of climate control and sustainability monitoring for Allegiant Stadium. By leveraging this powerful tool, the stadium has revolutionized its approach to managing indoor temperatures and enhancing sustainability practices.

Allegiant Stadium

Streamlining Operations with Power BI

Joseph Wright, the senior director of facilities operation at Allegiant Stadium, elucidates the impact of Power BI on their operations. Through a sustainability dashboard integrated with Power BI, the stadium now seamlessly integrates various data sources, including weather forecasts and electrical consumption rates. This amalgamation of data empowers decision-makers to optimize climate control systems efficiently.

Allegiant Stadium

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions

"With the Power BI dashboard, we can take into account the weather, forecasted temperature, and electrical consumption rate for the day and make informed decisions about how we'll run the plant," explains Wright. The dashboard translates raw data from the building management system into easily digestible, real-time insights, enabling prompt actions aligned with the day's requirements.

A Sustainable Approach

Beyond climate control, Allegiant Stadium is committed to advancing sustainability initiatives. By harnessing Power BI alongside other Microsoft solutions like the Cloud for Sustainability, the stadium sets benchmarks for future endeavors. Sandra Douglass Morgan, president of the Las Vegas Raiders, emphasizes the collaborative effort towards a greener future.

Empowering Future Initiatives

"We want to continue to grow our commitment to fans, players, and our community," states Morgan. The energy dashboard, built on Microsoft technology, serves as a cornerstone for monitoring progress and driving environmental stewardship. The partnership between the Raiders, Allegiant Stadium, and Microsoft underscores a shared dedication to sustainable practices.

A Bright Future Ahead

Microsoft emerges as a pivotal ally in Allegiant Stadium's quest for sustainability. Sandra Douglass Morgan highlights Microsoft's comprehensive approach to technology and sustainability, affirming a promising future collaboration.

Allegiant Stadium


Allegiant Stadium's adoption of Microsoft Power BI signifies a paradigm shift in climate control and sustainability management. By harnessing real-time insights and fostering collaboration, the stadium paves the way for a greener, more efficient future. With Microsoft as a trusted partner, the journey towards environmental stewardship gains momentum, promising a brighter tomorrow for Allegiant Stadium and beyond.

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