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Awesome Analytics is a firm believer in the value of ongoing education and career advancement. We have carefully chosen a selection of in-depth courses that will strengthen your abilities and provide you power in the cutthroat business environment of today. Our learning programmes are designed to match your needs, whether you're a beginner trying to learn the basics or an experienced professional wishing to increase your expertise.

Courses we provide for your bright future

Excel Certification
PowerBi Certification

Excel Certification Course

With our Excel Certification Course, you can utilise Microsoft Excel to its fullest capacity. This extensive programme covers all topics, from fundamental spreadsheet operations to cutting-edge data analysis methods.


Power BI Certification Course

Our Power BI Course helps you explore the future of business analytics. Utilise data analytics and visualisation to help you make wise decisions and expand your business.

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Student Reviews

Excellent training in all the concepts of advanced Excel. = If (u want to be excellent in Excel, "learn from Mehul Thakkar," “You will become excellent") a Million thanks to you, sir. Request you to keep updated & share new ideas anytime. Thanks!

~ Prachi Wagh, Manager Operations - SBI MUTUAL FUND-MUMBAI

If (you wish to learn Excel) Faculty should be = "CA Mehul Thakkar" Else Msgbox(" you don't know what you are missing...") End_If I think the above says it all..... Mehul sir is a terrific combination of "knowledge"+"patience" +"professionalism"- all virtues being quintessential for a good trainer. He makes learning Excel very easy with his comprehensive knowledge and humor. Mehul sir, a big THANK YOU to you!

~ Amarjeet Kaur Brar

Here it is. Thank you sincerely for all your help with Excel and all the things. You got me started doing the things in Excel which were never thought of. CA Mehul Thakkar = Precise +Clear +Well Organised A rare combination of Excel and Excellent Tutor

~ Geetanjali

Awesome teacher and a mentor I've ever met, always ready to explain new things ask any query in IT you will get an instant answer Thanks, sir, for being with the CA students and for the students. We really require awesome people like you. 


~ Ayush Pokharna

Frequently asked questions

Information and Data Analytics allow the staff to look at the information in a particular context and create smarter business choices to attain improved products and services.

Will I receive any certificate?
We do provide a certificate of completion for our courses.
Is it possible to conduct training offline?
For now, you can apply for online courses but we are considering offline lessons in the future.
What will be the timing of the course?
This is a self-paced learning course meaning you can learn this course at your own speed, without any specific deadlines or schedules.
How will this course help me in my career?
This Excel course can also help in tasks such as data analysis, budgeting, and financial modeling, which are important skills in various job roles. Having an Excel certification can enhance one’s resume and increase their chances of being hired or promoted.
Additionally, We offer you an internship that you can do with your job.
Are there any EMI options available to pay the fee of the Programs?
Our credit partners offer EMI options to candidates for each program. If you are interested in availing these services, please get in touch with your admission counselor for more information.
What is the refund policy for the program?
At Awesome Analytics, we aim to ensure your satisfaction with your course purchase. You can request a refund within 30 days of purchase, as long as it meets the criteria outlined in our refund policy.
What can I expect from this program?

The immersive learning experience entails spending time on the learning platform, engaging in self-study for assignments, and communicating with peers in the discussion forum to address any concerns. Queries will be addressed by Teaching Assistants to ensure a smooth learning experience.  Following are the core components of the immersive learning experience that you can expect:

  • Core components of immersive learning experience include recorded lectures, assignments/projects, live sessions with experts, and career guidance
  • Candidates will spend time on the learning platform, indulge in self-study, and interact with peers in discussion forum
  • Recorded lectures delivered by top faculty and industry leaders accessible anytime
  • Live sessions with faculty and industry experts, along with TA sessions
  • Network and engage with peers online
  • Get career guidance from industry experts and access to job/internship opportunities
What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us through our website or you can email us an info@awesomeanalytics.in. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.