5 Biases that make our Decisions

Ever found yourself wondering why you chose that questionable sandwich for lunch or picked the wrong lane in traffic? Welcome to the mysterious realm of biases, where our brains play tricks on us every day. Let's embark on a journey to unravel the top five decision-making puppeteers that pull the strings behind the scenes.

5 Biases that make our Decisions

1. Similarity Bias: The Comfort of Familiarity

Picture this: Your brain is like a magnet for faces that look like yours. It's the similarity bias, subtly steering hiring choices and project assignments. We're all about 'in-groups' and 'out-groups,' preferring the former. Break free by actively seeking common ground with the not-so-similar. It's time to embrace the beauty in diversity.

2. Expedience Bias: The Need for Speed

Life in the fast lane has its perks, but not when it comes to decisions. The expedience bias is the friend that pushes us to decide at warp speed. Quick judgments, snap decisions – we've all been there. Hit the brakes, adopt a more deliberate approach. Slow down, gather the facts, and let's make well-thought-out choices.

Decision making Biases

3. Experience Bias: The One-Man Show

Ever felt like your version of reality is the only one that matters? Enter the experience bias. We're all stars in our own show, but forgetting there are other shows in town can lead to trouble. The antidote? Create systems for reality checks. Invite diverse perspectives, let others challenge your viewpoint, and let biases crumble.

4. Distance Bias: Bridging Gaps in a Hybrid World

Whether it's a room or a virtual space, distance bias doesn't discriminate. We gravitate towards what's close – in space or time. Imagine a meeting where remote voices get drowned out. Solution? Flip the script. Prioritize input from the virtual warriors before diving into room discussions. It's about closing gaps and making space for all voices.

Decision making Biases

5. Safety Bias: Fear of Loss vs. Quest for Gain

Enter the fear-driven maestro: safety bias. We'd rather avoid losing than gain, and that fear can stifle healthy risk-taking. The fix? Step back, create some distance. Imagine you're advising a friend. It's like putting on a shield against the emotional rollercoaster of decisions.

In the world of biases, no one stands alone. Mitigating biases is a group effort, requiring a shared language around bias to make collectively smarter decisions. So, let's break free from the invisible chains of bias and embrace a more conscious and inclusive decision-making journey.

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